Saturday, June 11, 2011

Vikings Buffet at MOA

This would be our first ever blog. Hope you enjoy it. :)

So Vikings is a buffet restaurant near at SM Mall of Asia. Buffet rates are P688 for weekday lunch; P888 for weekend lunch; and P888 for dinner. Inclusive of drinks by the way.

We just had a lunch here and definitely we will come back. I love love love their french and Italian cuisine. Their pizzas are superb. However, they doesn't have full array of choices for sushi which I expect that they would offer more than Yakimix offer.

These are some of the pictures:

We ask for pork tenderloin.

Shrimp hakaw of course is delicious but nothing special to the other dumplings.

Nothing fancy..

This pizza looks really plain in the photo however it is very delicious.

ask for the waiter to baked you some oysters and mussles.

This watermelon shakes is very refreshing !!!

Just pay a visit to add something on your buffet list.  

Have patience on us, this is our first time to make a blog. And thank you for visiting our blog.

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